Nyonya Assam Prawn Konjac Silk Noodles 娘惹亚叁虾魔芋面

Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of traditional Malay and Chinese culinary influences, usually with recipes passed down from generations. Follow through this simple recipe for refreshing flavours of tangy tamarind with fiery chilli with the springiness of FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodles. 
1 – 2 servings 


200g Konjac Silk Noodle

100g pineapple (cut)

10 Fresh Prawns, feelers trimmed with shells intact

2 – 4 tbsp Nyonya Assam Chilli Paste (up to your preference)

1 tbsp Olive oil

1 cup 250ml warm water

Chopped Onions

Small amount of salt

Small amount of sugar


  1. Heat up pan and pour in some olive oil.
  2. Add Nyonya assam chilli paste (up to your preference of spiciness and taste) and stir fry with low heat. 
  3. Add cut onions and sautéed.
  4. Then, add in fresh prawns, stir fry until the prawn shells are slightly burnt – crispy brown. 
  5. Add 1 cup of warm water and pour in the cut pineapple.
  6. Lastly, add in FoodQi’s konjac silk noodles and simmer 1 – 2 minutes, with a bit of salt & sugar for flavours. Serve while hot! 


分量:1 – 2 人


魔芋面(200 克)

菠萝(切 – 100克)


2 – 4 汤匙娘惹亚叁辣椒酱(根据您的喜好)


1杯 250ml 温水





1. 热锅,倒入一些橄榄油。

2. 加娘惹亚叁辣椒酱(根据您的喜好和口味而定),然后用低火炒。

3. 加入切好的洋葱, 炒熟。

4. 然后,加新鲜的大虾,炒到大虾壳略微酥脆的棕色。

5. 加入1杯温水,倒入切好的黄梨。

6. 最后,加FoodQi 魔芋面,煮1 – 2分钟,加少许盐和糖调味。 趁热吃哦!

Thomas Ong’s Black Sesame Paste Cold Noodles 隔壁老王黑芝麻酱凉拌面

Special thanks to Thomas Ong for sharing

Learn this quick, simple recipe for Black Sesame Paste Konjac Noodles, which helps in hair growth and reduce hair loss, one of the most common problems faced by most. Special thanks to local artiste, Thomas  Ong for sharing this recipe to all.

1-2 servings


200g Konjac Silk Noodle

100g chicken breast

1 carrot (medium size, shredded)

1 cucumber (medium size, shredded)

White sesame seeds (lightly pan-fried)



2 tbsp black vinegar

1 tbsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 tbsp black sesame paste


  1. Drain water from package and boil drained konjac silk noodles for 3 minutes, then drain off and set aside.
  2. Cook the chicken breast in boiling water for 5 minutes, and shred it with hands.
  3. Add seasoning (black vinegar, light soy sauce, sesame oil and black sesame paste) into bowl.
  4. Pour FoodQi’s konjac silk noodles and add in prepared ingredients (carrot, cucumber, shredded chicken breast) and mix well.
  5. Sprinkle with lightly roasted white sesame seeds.

Tips: You may replace black vinegar with Japanese Yuzu vinegar for a more refreshing taste!


分量:1 – 2


魔芋面(200 克)

鸡胸肉 (100 克)

1 胡萝卜(中 ,切丝)

1 黄瓜(中 , 切丝)




2 汤匙黑醋

1 汤匙酱青




1. 沥干包装中的水,将沥干的魔芋面煮沸3分钟,然后沥干并放在一边。
2. 将鸡胸肉在沸水中煮5分钟,然后用手切碎。
3. 将调味料(黑醋,酱青,芝麻油和黑芝麻酱)倒入碗中。
4. 倒入FoodQi的魔芋面,加入准备好的食材(胡萝卜,黄瓜,切碎的鸡胸肉)并拌匀。
5. 撒上白芝麻,即可食用。

小贴士:您可以用日本柚子醋代替黑醋 ,味道会变得更清爽哦!

Hot & Sour Konjac Noodles 酸辣魔芋粉

The food craze of eating Suan La Fen (酸辣粉), potato noodles from Sichuan known for its spicy, hot, delicious, savory and sour taste, following the Mala trend is still on.  Learn how to cook the healthier way, and savour the chili for all you want.  Using FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodle instead of the potato noodles allows us to reduce our calories intake greatly.



100g Konjac Silk Noodle

20g olive oil

1 tbsp of chili

1 tbsp of chopped green onion

1 tbsp of minced garlic

2 tbsp of light soy sauce

2 tbsp of vinegar

1/2 tbsp of sugar substitute

1 tbsp of white sesame seeds




分量:1 – 2 人


橄榄油 (20 克)

魔芋粿条 (100 克)

1 汤匙辣椒

1 汤匙葱花

1 汤匙大蒜末

2 汤匙生抽

2 汤匙陈醋






Creamy Bacon Konjac Carbonara 培根奶油魔芋面

Having Konjac Carbonara with the least of worries – an easy family meal as a substitute for usual pasta – low fats! This recipe uses FoodQi’s Konjac Silk noodle made from Konjac root – which comprised of 100% fibre, and making it 0g carbs.



100g Konjac Silk Noodle

20g butter

50g cream butter

2 slices of bacon


2 garlic

Black pepper



1. Add cream butter to the pot, melt it over low medium heat.

2. Fry the sliced ​​bacon and force the oil out.

3. Add garlic and bacon, stir fry together.

4. Add butter and adjust to low medium heat.

5. Add FoodQi’s Konjac Silk noodle, add black pepper and salt, continue to stir evenly. Pay attention to the low heat. The konjac noodles do not absorb water. Make sure the sauce is evenly coated on noodle by stirring. Turn off the heat when there is almost no sauce.

6. Sprinkle some black pepper and cheese on it.


分量:1 人


魔芋面(100 克)

牛油(20 克)

奶油(50 克)

培根 2 片






  1. 锅中加牛油,中小火融化开

2. 放入切好的培根,炒出油

3. 放入大蒜和培根一起翻炒

4. 加奶油调到中小火

5. 加入魔芋面,搅拌,再加入黑胡椒和盐继续搅拌均匀,注意小火收汁,魔芋面不吸水,要不停的翻搅让酱汁裹着均匀,差不多没有汤汁就关火

6. 撒上一些黑胡椒和芝士就可以食用。

Healthy Fried Kway Teow with Shrimps 虾仁炒粿条

Eating light with FoodQi’s Konjac Flat Noodle! Cook it in a way to have your local flavours made possible and a super noodle substitute for your low carbs diet.  Enjoy the great flavours with little sugar intake and live your life with less calories burden!

1-2 servings


200g Konjac Flat Noodle

20g olive oil

10 shrimps

1 green vegetable

1 egg

2 shallots

2 tablespoons light soy sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

A pinch of coriander


1. Chop the shallots, wash the greens, and cut them in half.

2. Add 20g of olive oil to the pot, pour in shallots and stir fry until fragrant, fry some egg, add shrimp and FoodQi’s Konjac Flat Noodle together.

3. Add light soy sauce, salt and pepper, stir fry for 2 minutes, finally add green vegetables and continue frying for one minute.  Lastly, add some coriander at the top and serve hot!


分量:1 – 2 人


橄榄油 (20 克)

魔芋粿条 (200 克)

虾仁 10个  

青菜 1 颗  

小葱头 2 粒  

酱油 2 汤匙 




  1. 小葱头切碎,青菜洗干净,切对半。

2. 锅中加入橄榄油 20 克, 倒入小葱头 炒香,加入虾仁、粿条炒香。

3. 加入生抽、盐、胡椒粉翻炒 2 分钟,最后加入青菜炒 1 分钟,加香菜起锅。享受美味佳肴!

Dry Konjac Silk Noodle 干拌魔芋面

FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodle is a great substitute to actual noodle. Cook it in dry style using simple steps below!

1 serving


100g konjac silk noodle

20g olive oil

100g minced meat

1 small chili

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce

1 tbsp chili oil

Black pepper and salt, chopped green onion


1. Cut small chilli into shreds.

2. Add oil to the pot, pour minced meat and stir fry until fragrant.

3. Drained Konjac Silk Noodles and boil in hot water, place in cool water and leave it for later use.

4. Prepare the sauce, add some warm water, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, half a tablespoon of dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of chili oil, small chilies, add some salt and black pepper.

5. Pour 20g of olive oil into the pot, heat up the sauce, add FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodle, minced meat and mix well. Sprinkle with some chopped green onion and serve.


分量:1 人



肉碎 (100克) 

小辣椒  1条 





橄榄油 20 克


1. 小辣椒切丝

2. 锅里加油,倒入肉碎炒香

3. 魔芋面烫水,过凉水备用

4. 调酱汁:适量温水,1汤匙 酱油 ,半勺黑酱油,1汤匙辣椒油、小辣椒 ,加点盐和黑胡椒

5.锅里放橄榄油 20克,炒香酱汁,加入魔芋面、肉碎 、拌匀,撒上葱花即可食用。


Fried Pearl Rice with Prawns “脆波波” 虾仁蛋炒饭

When eating healthy or trying to cut down on your calories count, FoodQi’s Konjac Pearl Rice is a superb substitute to actual rice. An ideal staple food for everyone – learn how to cook it easily. 

1-2 servings


200 g konjac rice 

8 small fresh prawns

2 medium eggs (beaten)

1 chinese sausage (chopped)

1 spring onions (finely chopped)

2 small white cauliflower (chopped)

1 small yellow capsicum (chopped)

2 small onions (chopped)

3 cloves of garlic (chopped) 

1 tbsp Olive Oil 

1/2 tbsp light soy sauce

Black Pepper


  1. Drain the water in the package and boil the drained konjac rice for 3 minutes, then drain it off and set aside. This gives better texture. 
  2. Add a small amount of water to the pot and boil the chopped cauliflower. Drain it and fry  slightly until it becomes soft. 
  3. Heat up a wok over a high heat, add oil, add 2 eggs and stir-fry them slightly, then set aside. 
  4. Add oil to pot, slowly saute the chopped onions over a low heat, add garlic. 
  5. Fry the chinese sausage cubes and shrimp, then add cauliflower and capsicum.
  6. Pour in FoodQi’s Konjac Pearl Rice and fried eggs. Add appropriate amounts of soy sauce and black pepper to stir fry. Garnish with some spring onions, and enjoy!

“脆波波” 虾仁蛋炒饭

分量:1 – 2人


魔芋“脆波波” 1包(200克)

小海虾 8 只

鸡蛋 2 颗

腊肠 1 条(切碎)

青葱 1 根(切粒)

白花椰菜 2小朵(切碎)

小橙色灯笼椒 1个(切碎)

小洋葱 2 粒(切碎)

蒜头 3 瓣(切碎)

橄榄油 适量

酱青 适量

黑胡椒 少许


1. 打开福氣 “脆波波” ,沥干水分,用水冲洗后,放入沸水中煮3分钟,捞起沥干水分,待用。

2. 锅中加入少量的水,把切碎的花椰菜倒入,略炒到微软,水干后将花椰菜取出放一旁备用。

3. 热锅后加油,打入两颗鸡蛋略炒,取出备用。

4. 锅内加油,用小火爆香小洋葱碎,再加入蒜蓉一起爆炒。

5. 加入腊肠粒和虾子一同翻炒,随后加入花椰菜、灯笼椒继续翻炒。

6. 放入之前煮过的“脆波波” 和炒香的鸡蛋,加入适量酱青和胡椒粉一同拌炒。最后洒上青葱粒当点缀即可享用。