Dry Konjac Silk Noodle 干拌魔芋面

FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodle is a great substitute to actual noodle. Cook it in dry style using simple steps below!

1 serving


100g konjac silk noodle

20g olive oil

100g minced meat

1 small chili

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce

1 tbsp chili oil

Black pepper and salt, chopped green onion


1. Cut small chilli into shreds.

2. Add oil to the pot, pour minced meat and stir fry until fragrant.

3. Drained Konjac Silk Noodles and boil in hot water, place in cool water and leave it for later use.

4. Prepare the sauce, add some warm water, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, half a tablespoon of dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of chili oil, small chilies, add some salt and black pepper.

5. Pour 20g of olive oil into the pot, heat up the sauce, add FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodle, minced meat and mix well. Sprinkle with some chopped green onion and serve.


分量:1 人



肉碎 (100克) 

小辣椒  1条 





橄榄油 20 克


1. 小辣椒切丝

2. 锅里加油,倒入肉碎炒香

3. 魔芋面烫水,过凉水备用

4. 调酱汁:适量温水,1汤匙 酱油 ,半勺黑酱油,1汤匙辣椒油、小辣椒 ,加点盐和黑胡椒

5.锅里放橄榄油 20克,炒香酱汁,加入魔芋面、肉碎 、拌匀,撒上葱花即可食用。

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