Nyonya Assam Prawn Konjac Silk Noodles 娘惹亚叁虾魔芋面

Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of traditional Malay and Chinese culinary influences, usually with recipes passed down from generations. Follow through this simple recipe for refreshing flavours of tangy tamarind with fiery chilli with the springiness of FoodQi’s Konjac Silk Noodles. 
1 – 2 servings 


200g Konjac Silk Noodle

100g pineapple (cut)

10 Fresh Prawns, feelers trimmed with shells intact

2 – 4 tbsp Nyonya Assam Chilli Paste (up to your preference)

1 tbsp Olive oil

1 cup 250ml warm water

Chopped Onions

Small amount of salt

Small amount of sugar


  1. Heat up pan and pour in some olive oil.
  2. Add Nyonya assam chilli paste (up to your preference of spiciness and taste) and stir fry with low heat. 
  3. Add cut onions and sautéed.
  4. Then, add in fresh prawns, stir fry until the prawn shells are slightly burnt – crispy brown. 
  5. Add 1 cup of warm water and pour in the cut pineapple.
  6. Lastly, add in FoodQi’s konjac silk noodles and simmer 1 – 2 minutes, with a bit of salt & sugar for flavours. Serve while hot! 


分量:1 – 2 人


魔芋面(200 克)

菠萝(切 – 100克)


2 – 4 汤匙娘惹亚叁辣椒酱(根据您的喜好)


1杯 250ml 温水





1. 热锅,倒入一些橄榄油。

2. 加娘惹亚叁辣椒酱(根据您的喜好和口味而定),然后用低火炒。

3. 加入切好的洋葱, 炒熟。

4. 然后,加新鲜的大虾,炒到大虾壳略微酥脆的棕色。

5. 加入1杯温水,倒入切好的黄梨。

6. 最后,加FoodQi 魔芋面,煮1 – 2分钟,加少许盐和糖调味。 趁热吃哦!

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